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Application of secondary oil and gas condensate refining processes
Process modeling and simulation

We offer a range of solutions in lauching the secondary refining processes of hydrocarbons which allow to increase the oil and gas condensate refining level.

Complete cycle of technological process modeling, including mass-transfer and chemical reactions with the estimation of technological operating parameters.

Feasibility studies
Collecting the initial data for the engineering

We conduct feasibility studies and elaborate business-plans for the setup and assembling or rebuild  of the units in the chemical and petroleum refining industry sector.

We offer services of initial data collection, required for engineering and elaboration of technical assignments for the design of refinery processing units.

R&D in catalysis
Engineering and design of the reactor equipment

We conduct independent testing of catalysts on the laboratory equipment and draw conclusions whether catalyst corresponds to stated efficiency. In addition, we define optimal parameters of technological process and regeneration regime for a particular catalyst. Conclusions about catalist`s performance are drawn based on physical and chemical analysis of liquid and gaseous products of the reaction.

Upscaling the reactive processes is one of the crucial steps in launching the chemical production line. Many standard solutions are not longer satisfying the process requirements, therefore there is a necessity of unique solutions development.

Technological audit

The main task of audit is estimation of the technological potential of the plant, reflecting it`s strength and weaknesses. In the issue of it  specific proposals directed to optimize, develop and improve the production are suggested.

Contract supervision, plant start-up and commissioning

ARSKA Technologies offers guiding design documents elaboration,  equipment procurement, installation works, process equipment launching,

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